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Friday, July 20th 2012

9:44 AM

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From: CoverYourTeethaol.com
Subject: Criminal Minds-3Still mostly Jason and David, but not for long.....
This chapter contains a touch of raunch
Dave rested his head back into the seat. He was comforted by the weight of
Jason on him, and the soft sounds of sleep coming from the other couch. He
looked over at Derek, Spencer, and Aaron. His cock twitched in arousal.
Aaron was curled up on his side, head resting on Derek's thigh, facing his
crotch. Derek's thighs were spread, accommodating Spencer who was leaning his
head heavily against Derek's chest, his back towards Aaron, legs draped
over Derek's muscular thigh. Dave enjoyed watching his younger lovers. He
began thinking back to the days when it was just him and Jason, when the two
would travel together, working hard but fucking harder in hotel rooms
across the country. The time he spent with just Jason would always be special,
but what they all shared now was perfect.
He remembered the day he brought up the idea of adding an additional
person to their special arrangement. He and Jason were in the middle of a case
down in Florida, and had just returned to their hotel room for the night.
Between the summer-like weather, and the sexy boys they interviewed all day,
Dave was feeling especially horny. He had to use every ounce of self
control not glamour pic preteens
to drag Jason into the nearest bathroom and fuck him senseless.
Now that he had Jason all to himself, he pushed him up against the wall
the moment he secured the lock on their door. He kissed Jason deeply, licking
at his tongue and palate. He quickly undressed the man, in the mood preteen girls masturbate for
rough, dirty sex. He turned Jason towards the wall, yanking his pants and
underwear down, as he sunk to his knees. He spread Jason's sweaty cheeks
apart, sniffing black preteen naturist and swiping at the dirty, partially dilated hole. He knew Jason
needed the bathroom since their heavy lunch, and that when he plunged his
throbbing meat into him, rate preteen pics he would be plowing through warm, mushiness. He
licked girl pixx preteen the aromatic bud a few more times before standing up, aligned himself,
and plunged his cock into the messy shute. Jason groaned at the invasion,
panting as he adjusted to the discomfort. As Dave pulled back, Jason
involuntarily pushed out, unable to suppress the urge to void. Dave slammed back
in, biting down on Jason's neck as he fucked in and out. He used one hand
to pinch Jason's soft cock, coaxing an erection as he quickened his pace,
pounding Jason against the wall. Knowing he wasn't going to last long with
his dick buried in the filthy cave, Dave focused on getting Jason off. He
sucked his neck, as he held the small cock head between two fingers, rubbing
briskly, mimicking the movements Jason makes when masturbating himself.
David felt Jason's pussy tighten around his cock, as it spasmed with his
orgasm, dribbling liquidy cum onto his fingers. The added pressure to his cock
was all it took to push David over the edge, as he came strongly into the
moist twat. Jason moaned as the softening dick slipped from his well warn
hole. He reached back, feeling the mess between his cheeks, blushing when he
looked down at David's soiled dick.
"Love you" David kissed his partner, helping to remove any embarrassment
he might have felt. girl preteen toe
"Come, let's shower."
He took Jason's hand, leading him to the bathroom and seating him on the
toilet bowl. He pulled back the shower curtain, turning on the warm water as
he enjoyed the sounds of Jason emptying himself, bearing down red-faced
and grunting. David ran his fingers through Jason's hair then traced his jaw,
caressing his cheek while he strained.
Once finished, Jason stood up, allowing David to wipe him before flushing
down the mess. He was lead to the shower, stepping into the tub before
wrapping his arms around David's neck, craving the closeness.
"That was hot" David started, kissing Jason's lips and savoring the
intimacy. He began to wash Jason and himself, enjoying the sound of the shower
water as it cascaded over their bodies.
"What do you think of the agent we've been working with all week, Aaron
Hotchner?" David asked as he washed between Jason's ass cheeks.
"...sexy...." Jason mumbled dreamily, leaning heavily into David
"He was asking about the BAU." nude african preteens David continued. "I've been hearing great
things about him, and he's a stud to boot!"
Jason shivered as David paid special attention to cleaning his preteen nudists naked pussy.
"What do you think about having him over to our room tomorrow night"
David whispered into Jason's ear. "I'll fist his cock, and then lube him up
before he fucks your sweet ass. Hmmmm?" he cooed, fingering the banned nude preteens now clean
hole with a soapy finger.
Jason moaned, enjoying the visual.
"I'm thinking about asking him to join usenet photos preteens
us in the BAU" David continued
more seriously, turning Jason to face him, looking into his eyes. "How would
you feel about that?"
Although Jason liked the idea of a new agent to work with, and was
thrilled about the possibility of getting fucked by Aaron and David at the same
time, he had some reservations about sharing his lover on a permanent basis.
He and Dave had been together since adolescence, and aside from the
occasional guest in their bedroom, they were monogamous. Over the years, they had
toyed with the idea of expanding their family. He knew they were ready to
take that next step, and that Aaron was the perfect fit. He trusted David's
decision, though he would miss being the center of attention; the one to
get fucked and sucked (and babied on occasion.)

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Friday, July 20th 2012

12:00 AM

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